Take This Tinkercad Course For Kids – 3D Design, for 3D Printing!

Great opportunity to learn a new awesome skills!

Who can join?

Kids from 2nd – 6th grade.

What you’ll learn:

Together with our trainer, Stefan, you’ll learn how to use TinkerCad, one of the most used 3D software available today, done by AutoCad.

  • how to use the basic shapes
  • how to create more complex shapes
  • how to create complex projects – a Moon Base, a satellite the a size of an aluminum can, to compete in international contests, like this one, from European Space Agency :).

When you can join:

Each Wednesday, 11.00 AM Eastern Time (GMT -5)/9.00 AM Western Time (GMT -7)

Please send us an email at hello@kidibot.com to check available timeslots. As you can imagine, the opportunity to learn Tinkercad with a child expert is quite limited.


Online, via Zoom

Who is the Tinkercad trainer?

Stefan Ferseta, 6th grade, winner of multiple prizes at national and international informatics, Tinkercad and math competitions, passionate about bio-programming and science in general.

Why you should enlist your kid to this Tinkercad course, with a kid as a trainer?

  • because it’s super-aspirational for a kid to learn from another kid, not an adult
  • because it’s once in a lifetime opportunity. Stefan has a busy schedule, with a lot of international competitions, so this is the only available slot for this
  • because your kid will add new skill to her/his resume
  • because it’s really fun
  • because they’ll probably win some prizes to international competition.

How much does it cost?

$30/hour x 4 sessions = $120/month.
The payment is recurring, via Paypal. You can stop anytime.


I really love that my boy is super-enthusiastic while learning about Tinkercad. Stefan, the trainer, is really interested to help kids learn. And it’s very inspirational for them to learn for one of their own, not an adult!

Maria, mother of Matthew, Oregon

How can I start?

Any questions?


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