Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller

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Annie Sullivan was little more than a half-blind orphan with a fiery tongue when she arrived at Ivy Green in 1887. Desperate for work, she’d taken on a seemingly impossible job–teaching a child who was deaf, blind, and as ferocious as any wild animal. But if anyone was a match for Helen Keller, it was the girl who’d been nicknamed Miss Spitfire. In her efforts to reach Helen’s mind, Annie lost teeth to the girl’s raging blows, but she never lost faith in her ability to triumph. Told in first person, Annie Sullivan’s past, her brazen determination, and her connection to the girl who would call her Teacher are vividly depicted in this powerful novel.

Two Bruises throw with hypnotic small to make you not like reading and learning. Hold your breath for 2 seconds and defeat her in this fight!

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Examples of questions from "Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller"

  • How does Annie begin to feel about Mrs.Keller?
  • What is the name of Anne's brother who dies at Tewksbury?
  • How many years does Anne live at Tewksbry?

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