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My Kid Should LOVE Reading

Boost Your Kid Future Resume with:
- Official Reading Certifications (25, 50, 100, 250, 500 books)
- Volunteer Diplomas
- Social Involvement Diplomas!

Monthly Contests (Reading, Math, Science, IQ)!

Daily Missions to Read and Do Math Exercises!

You (and Your Kid) Will Change Destinies!

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What is KIDIBOT?

KIDIBOT is an awarded educational platform for kids, parents and teachers, created by StartEvo Association. It's composed of the website, iOS and Android mobile apps.

Basically, it's an innovative reading/math/science/IQ/EQ/physics/chemistry/civic education/environment/history/... game for kids, where they collaborate with their classmates to win points and save the planet. Answering correctly to quizzes and teamwork are the only way to grow within Kidibot.

How does it work?

Reading and learning through playing.

Kids receive points, badges and fame by answering quizzes regarding books they've read or solving tests on various subjects (math, science, IQ, EQ and so on.


This way they help their team to fight against the CROCOBETS, the nasty aliens who want to conquer the Earth.

There are rankings: global, class, school and town rankings. Also, kids win collectable badges...

The reading quizzes are created from books usually recommended by teachers, plus some of the best selling books on the market.
The math quizzes are created based on teachers inputs.


10 Benefits of Being a Kidibot HERO!

Your Kids Will Receive Official Certifications, Very Useful For Their Future Resumes!

StartEvo Association will provide your kids:

  • Official Reading Certificates that they read 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 books, because they proved this by answering Kidibot quizzes.
  • Volunteers Diploma for the quizzes they created, when their quizzes gather over 100 bonus value points.
  • Social Involvement Diplomas, when kids actions helped over 100 different kids through quizzes or other actions.

Your Kids Will Have a Higher Purpose!

Together with their HERO friends, they will fight to make the world a better place through reading and learning! The Kidibot HEROES fight against the Crocobets to save millions of kids from their bad influence and to save the Earth!

Kidibot it's a Game of Positive Social Pressure!

The kids from the same team/class they motivate each other incredible well to solve more quizzes, to read more books, to solve more math problems

Through Local Patriotism!

For example, my class A from town X must have a better ranking then competing class B from town Y.

Through Team Spirit!

Kidibot enhance team work. There is a competition between US (our team/class) and THEM (the Crocobets, the other teams). Inside the team, all kids/team members are working together to win. Nobody is left behind!

Through Curiosity!

You'll never know what will happen tomorrow!

Through The Sheer Will to Demonstrate That You Can Do Tt!

When you see that you are on the 7th rank, you'll solve more quizzes to reach 4th place. Then 3rd. Then 2nd.

The Kids Get The Satisfaction That They Save The Planet!

Your kids will help other kids to become smarter, to escape from the evil Crocobets influence. Each time another kid solves a quiz you created, you know you did a good deed. You know you changed the world, by doing it a little better.

Through The Desire of Being Appreciated

Both parents and teachers are informed about the kids progress. The harder they work, the happier the adults will be and they'll congratulate them. Plus you can show off with how many books you've read, number of math tests you solved, ans o on.

Because It's Fun!

Everything is design to be fun for kids and to learn through playing. From Crocobets and their allies to users types, from missions to game actions.


Who is KIDIBOT character?



KIDIBOT is a nice little robot that came from outer space to help the kids from Earth to save their planet against the CROCOBETS. These nasty aliens want through stupidity and laziness to conquer this planet. Reading is THE ONLY way to fight and win.

Extra Benefits

Your kid will want to read more, learn more and do more math.
Your kid will become the most popular in his/her group of friends
The parents of your kid's colleagues will thank you for bringing them into this useful competition
Your kid will learn how to be a better team player
Your kid will become more competitive, fighting for more points and therefore reading more.
You'll boost the self-esteem for fighting for his/her team/class/school or town
You'll boost their destinies.

What The Parents and Teachers Say About KIDIBOT

We received great feedback from them

Dana Tufeanu"The KIDIBOT project is EXCEPTIONAL. I'm very excited about it. Already 8 kids from the 1st grade are enrolled and accumulate points. In fact, learning experience .... [...] I promoted the project on the facebook page of the school. So ... I have already recommended it to all the children and teachers in the school. "

Dana Tufeanu - Teacher

Anatolie Zglavoci"You're doing a great job with the quiz platform. My girls are delighted. Initially, I only created an account for the big one, which will start the 3rd grade in the autumn, but I woke up with scandal and tears that the little one wants it too (she just finished the preparatory class and does not really know how to read).
I will recommend them to other colleagues / friends. "

Anatolie Zglavoci - Parent

Dana Tanu"I discovered you by chance. The pupils from class start in the very captivating adventure of your story to stimulate reading.
Quizzes are the catalyst for getting points, badges, to be propelled to another level. [...] The Kidibot project attracts us. I will also tell my colleagues about StartEvo, Kidibot and Crocobets, as well as to the class to help them take into account and have the desire to enter into this wonderful game. "

Dana Tanu - Teacher

Cristiana Timu"The Kidibot Project is very exciting and motivates students to read. Certainly I will also recommend it to my colleagues from autumn. "

Cristina Timu - Teacher

Deborah Domino Servite School"First of all, thank you very much for the huge work you are doing in this project. In our school, Domino Servite Secondary School, this contest is very popular. We are a small private school located in the countryside, but we do our best to motivate children to read. We have a library where children come weekly to borrow books and check if they read and, I can say with joy, most of them even read the borrowed books.

Now answers to the questions asked:

1. I think it would be helpful if I, as a teacher, could manage the accounts of the students in my class. Some have created 2 accounts because they did not remember their password and I think it would be good if I could "make order" between active and inactive accounts. Otherwise, I'm happy with the platform. Children use it very easily.

2. The KIDIBOT project, in my view, is great.
It completes very well the work we put into the classroom. Often, when there were a few free minutes after the class, we went with the students to the computer room to solve a few quizzes ... We enrolled at the end of the school year, but I do not forget the day the students have discovered the top of the schools and they looked for ours .. I was about 20th if I remember it. On that day, each student capitalized on the free minutes to climb the school. Towards the end of the day, I was heading to the 6th. The following morning, when the students were returned to school, there was a hum of them: "We are in the 5th place." After the first two breaks in which the pupils responded to quizzes, I was already on the 4th place. The excitement in school, the joy on their faces, the ambition to drive the school to the top places, makes me think it's worth the effort . And now, on vacation, when I meet with students in my class, I say to myself, "Madam, have you seen? We are in second place! "

Thank you so much for everything you do! It's a very good thing!

3. In our school all teachers know about this project, but I would happily recommend it to any other professor I would contact. "

Deborah - Teacher at Domino Servite School


Start Use KIDIBOT Now and Avoid LOSING:

FUTURE REGRETS that you didn't do everything you could for your kid
FUTURE REGRETS that your kid will end up with a lower paying job
Doing a small gesture that will change at least 3 destinies (your kid and two of his/her colleagues)


Witness the transformations of your kid after using KIDIBOT


Imagine yourself at your next BBQ with your friends. You'll tell them that your kid read 10 books in the last month. The other parents will want to know your secret.


Imagine yourself 20 years from now. Your kid will have a great job, thanks to the love for books you gave it to him/her. Other parents will not be so happy.


The BAD NEWS: Time is Running Out for Your Kid

Studies shows that reading love should be aquired by your kid by the age of 10 y.o. So, faster you act, the better chances your kid will get to love books!

The GOOD NEWS: KIDIBOT is here for your kid

100% Risks FREE! 30 days money back guaranteed.

Why should your kid LOVE reading?

Successful reading habits

KIDIBOT is an awarded educational platform, based on a game, that will MOTIVATE your kid to read more. KIDIBOT is a life changer!

Just watch this short video!




Book Graphic

Your kid will become part of the KIDIBOT team

KIDIBOT can boost your kid's future career, just by increasing the interest in math and reading. As simple as that!

What is "Positive Social Pressure"?

So if the other children are doing positive things like reading or learning, our kids will usually do the same. This also applies to negative behaviors that we hope they’ll stay away from, like smoking or doing drugs. Peer pressure is a huge influencing factor when children make decisions about what they want to do with their time.

KIDIBOT does exactly this. Your kid will see that other kids read, win points, are appreciated and are having fun. He/She will want to do the same.

Details about KIDIBOT

This is your kid's competitive edge. Don't miss out!

It's an awarded educational platform, composed of website and KIDIBOT mobile apps
The reading list has been created by experienced teachers, based on curricula for kids grades 1-8
There are many motivations for kids to participate in this reading game: fame, fun, helping their team, points, prizes, etc.
The script has been created to keep kids interests for a long time
Kids can chat on the mobile apps with their teams, to better coordinate against the enemies
Teachers love KIDIBOT, because it's an incredible useful tool in class, to motivate and track kids progress

Stop waiting.
Start being a better parent.

Create your kid an account now!


The good, the bad and the ugly




KIDIBOT is a nice little robot from outer space. He came on Earth to help kids fight against CROCOBETS.


They are nasty aliens that wants to conquer our planet through stupidity and laziness. Also, they have a lot of allies...


Yes. Your kids and their classmates are the good guys here. They fight as a team, together with KIDIBOT. First, during the KIDIBOT ACADEMY, they practice against other teams, then, after they are ready, to enter in the full battle against CROCOBETS.


Captain Necro, Caraplix, Crocobat, Hot Dog Joe, Nokko, Pink Brain and many others. They each have a specific set of powers (Intelligence, Social, Strength) and a nice story. The kids teams will have to deal with CROCOBETS squads.


The past, the present and the future

Your kids will find out the game reality. How KIDIBOT ended up on our planet, how he encountered the first human cubs, how he loved them and how the kids protected KIDIBOT from being discovered by the government. Then KIDIBOT told kids about the evil alien specie, called CROCOBETS, that are attacking the planet, using stupidity and laziness as their main weapons. Together they will start an epic journey.

Your kids will create accounts on KIDIBOT platform (website or mobile apps). They will start answering quizzes and they will win points. Their team (class) will increase in rankings and the kids are more and more motivated to bring their classmates also onboard, to help them save the Earth, be famous and have fun meanwhile. At some point, their team will start KIDIBOT ACADEMY and they will be involved in training battles, between similar classes all across the country.

Once the KIDIBOT ACADEMY is graduated, the team will take part of real battles against CROCOBETS teams. Here, the kids can mobilize themselves to fight these funny, but nasty creatures and to show them that the Earth is not dominated by stupidity and laziness. If the battles are successful, next the kids team, helped by KIDIBOT, can fight the CROCOBETS in the solar system and beyond! Their imagination has no limits and we'll try to keep them hooked in this epic adventure for as long as possible.

If your kid loves reading and math now, during adulthood he/she will earn in average

a whooping $125,000+/year

than those who don't!

Great Features, Awesome Results

Check out what how KIDIBOT can help your kid!

Cross Platform

Your kids can play on KIDIBOT on computer or on mobile (iOS and Android).


Global, class, school or town rankings. An extra incentive to read more and be better.

Cool badges

The kids are rewarded with many badges. We know how to keep them found to the books :)

Learning through fun and positive social pressure

This way, reading becomes aspirational and cool.

Your kids will thank you over the years.

Create your kid an account now!

KIDIBOT's author is StartEvo Foundation (Educational NGO)

The team behind Kidibot Platform

StartEvo Association

StartEvo is an educational NGO, founded in 2011. We have three main focal points: education, entrepreneurship and charity. In order to support our community involvement, we provide various services for companies and individuals worldwide that fit our profile and expertise.

Community Background:
• 130+ inspirational videos with VIPs (ambassadors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, etc.)
• Hundreds of motivational events (from high schools, universities, to young adults, schools and orphanages)
• Charity events for sick, disabled or poor kids. We help around 2-3k people/year
• Entrepreneurship events, trainings, and many others

We, The Founders:

Alina Ferseta - StartEvo President
I am a mother of 2 energetic boys, Steven - age 7 and Matthew - age 9. My professional experience is on mostly centered on marketing (I was Marketing Manager at a well-known Austrian bank, Marketing Manager at a top translations company, and so on). Since 2011, I dedicated my professional life to motivate and educate hundreds of thousands of young people, in order to change their destinies to the better.

Kidibot project was created in the first place early in 2017 for our kids, to extra-motivate them to read more. They love to stay at all sorts of electronic devices (phones, tablets, computers, game consoles), because games are the easiest way to produce for their brains endorphins (pleasure feeling). Nothing in the world (maybe except sugar), it's so good in creating instant pleasure. So, we tried to create with Kidibot a long-lasting game, maybe not as shiny and glamorous as the classic games, but very interesting for them. I hope you'll use also Kidibot for your kids also. Please free to send me your ideas, feedback and suggestions here.

Constantin "Noro" Ferseta - StartEvo Vice-President
I work since the 6th grade to help support my family and I did a lot of things during my life. First business (that failed) I did it at 20 y.o. Then for 7 years I did marketing and digital marketing for The Coca-Cola Company, I was Development Manager for Neogen. Since 2008 I'm involved in StartEvo. Also KIDIBOT's best friend.

During daytime, I own several small companies, mostly focused on online (helping clients to make more money using the Internet). You can check my portfolio here.

During nighttime, I'm helping KIDIBOT to save the world from CROCOBETS. :)

KIDIBOT is my soul project. We invested a lot of energy, time and money into it, knowing most probably we'll not getting those back. We had some help. We won a micro-grant from Electrica, of 10k euro, we won a prize from Orange Foundation and we qualified with Kidibot in other competitions. And we had a LOT of help from Google! I hope to change as many destinies as possible with this social pressure great tool we're doing it. :)

Iulian Craciun - StartEvo Vice-President
I'm the father of 2 wonderful kids (a girl, Naty, and a boy, Sasha). Inspite my congenital disability, I managed to achieve a lot of things: a successfull programming business, several technology startups (agriculture surveillance drones, Wheel-X robotic wheelchair, companies automatisation).

My motto is "Nothing is impossible".

I change myself to be a better person and I like to change the world through education. I strongly believe that in the years ahead of us, only people with strong skills and love to improve themselves all the time will manage to succeed. Kidibot is an incredible way to achieve this goal at the planetary level.


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