Which one is it: to, too or two?

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In this quiz you’ll have to choose the correct word to complete the sentence: “to”, “too” or “two”.

  • Use to for several purposes, mainly to express motion in the direction of a particular location.
  • Use to to identify the person or thing affected.
  • Use to to identify a relationship between two things.
  • Use too to mean “in addition” or “also”.
  • Use too to mean “excessively”.
  • Use two for using the number 2.

Good luck!

Crocobet wrote on the blackboard only stupid things and signed with your name. Win this battle so Miss and your colleagues can see that you didn’t do it.

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Examples of questions from "Which one is it: to, too or two?"

  • I want .... invite you ... my party.
  • I am going .... a party tonight. Would you like .... come ....?
  • I'm not buying this apartment. It's far .... big.

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