Earn Kidibot Crypto Currency by Learning!

Solve the Missions and save the Earth from CROCOBETS aliens that want to conquer Earth. Their main weapons are stupidity and laziness.


KIDIBOT is a nice little robot that came from outer space to help us defeat them.

KIDIBOT and the Knowledge Fighters need your help in this epic interactive battle!

What can I do with Kidibot Cryptocurrency?

You can buy anything you want from KIDIBOT SHOP.
You can store it as an investment in your wallet.
You can sell it (soon).
You can invest it (soon).

How can you win points, as a child?

By solving quizzes after books you’ve read, math, physics, chemistry, informatics, IQ, EQ and other types of tests.
By adding your own quizzes. You’ll get points when other kids will solve them. For ever!
– By communicating with your class members on Kidibot messenger daily (3 points/day)

Win fame & fortune

The worthy ones win. Join the battle and KIDIBOT will award you!

Win everybody’s respect.

Be victorious. Kidibot is an interactive reading and learning game where you can make your friends, parents and teachers proud of you!

Other reasons to join the fight…

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