Parents Instructions

Dear parent,

Welcome to KIDIBOT.

We’re glad you want your kid to read as much as possible. 🙂
And we are here to help you accomplish this.


Encourage your child to create a KIDIBOT account (if he has not already done so).
Tell him that in the EMAIL FIELD to specify your email address with which you made this account. Then his account will be linked to your account and you will receive news about what he and his team do on KIDIBOT.

Spune si celorlalti parinti

Tell the other parents of your child’s class about KIDIBOT.
We can make your child WANT to read more especially if there is a positive social pressure. The more of his colleagues get into the fight against the CROCOBETS, the more they motivate each other to read as much as possible.

Get your kids books to read.
You can buy the books that bring points to your child or you can go with him to the library to borrow them. It would be ideal to see you also take a break for 5 minutes a day to read a book … The power of example;)

Sponsorizeaza clasa

Sponsor the kid’s class (or school or city). Or just sponsor your kid.

For a small monthly fee, your kid will have a huge extra motivator. You can sponsor as a parent or as a company. Please send us an email at for details

Tell us if you still want some specific quizzes on the site
We’ve put 100+ quizzes, but compared to the millions of books that exist, it’s still a difference. We have taken the extra reading lists given by some teachers, but it’s a huge variety. It is possible that exactly the book your child reads to have no quiz.



The costs to operate KIDIBOT Academy are huge. Any help is awesome.

Give us Feedback
Any suggestions are welcome.


Yours truly,


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