Kids Instructions

Hello friends

How are you? I am KIDIBOT. I am an autonomous robot with positronic brain and I came to Earth to warn you!

Some very evil aliens, the CROCOBETS, want to conquer the planet.

We have to join forces to save the Earth. The only chance is to be smarter than them! And to be smart, we have to read. As much as possible!

The more you read, the stronger you will be and you can earn more points and intelligence. 😉

The first step is to fill in your profile.

Step Two is to read as many books as possible and answer the questionnaires, earn points and help your team.

Step Three will consist of training (battles). You will compete with your team against other teams.
When you’re done, you’ll fight the CROCOBETS.

Looks like you’re the smartest. Help your team! Read and win.

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