Please don’t go

Thank you for your interest in KIDIBOT.

I’m sorry to see you leave. Our objective is to help as many kids as possible to want to read more, to change their destinies, to be better.

If you are on this page, it means we failed a little bit.

I understand and respect your decision.

But please hear me out.

$4,99 for 3 kids for lifetime is an incredible low price. It even doesn’t cover our operating costs. We did this offer for a limited time, so every kid can stand a chance for a better future.

If you are concerned about this money, don’t be. Like I said in the previous page, you have 30 days to change your mind and we’ll reimburse your money, no questions asked.

Best case scenario: your kid and 2 others will have a great time playing, reading and motivating each-other to read more. And that’s GREAT.
Worst case scenario: you and the other parents are not happy. Just tell me and you’ll get back your money.

So, you have nothing to lose, only to win.

If you reconsidered, you can start here again.

Whatever your decision will be, I thank you.


Yours truly,

Constantin Ferseta
Kidibot Founder


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