5 bonus points
96 successes

This quiz is to test your mind and see if you are the math master. Take this to test you brain. Play Now

Simple Math

5 bonus points
129 successes

Let’s see if you know how to add numbers, like 8 + 3 =?

Kindergarten math quiz

10 bonus points
56 successes

I am in 5th grade and I want to make a quiz and I haven’t done it before so I’m starting off easy with kindergarten

Math Test Adding Similar Numbers

5 bonus points
46 successes

This math test is to test your brain and see if you are capable to go to 4th grade take this test to become smarter and higher in math level. PLAY NOW.

The easiest test

4 bonus points
44 successes

Somethings no one cares about – mathematics. Or do you? Solve this test to see. Pretty easy.

Do you know MINUS?

2 bonus points
43 successes

Some simple math for smart kids. Minus operations.

Math – Round to near …

10 bonus points
42 successes

This test has types of math like rounding a number to nearest ten. To get this right you need to focus. Don’t get up out of your seat. Its just like school. Love your teachers. 🙂

Third grade math quiz

12 bonus points
40 successes

This quiz will contain adding and subtracting, So take them seriously. Good luck!!

Sum and Minus – math

7 bonus points
39 successes

Sum and Minus

Math 1st Grade – Addition (sum 10 or less)

1 bonus points
54 successes

This is a very simple math quiz for 1st Grade, with addition of numbers, like 3 + 7 or 2 + 2. Good luck!

Beginners Math

3 bonus points
30 successes

Ummm…. do this quiz for some easy math?

Learn Math Easily

7 bonus points
28 successes

It’s fun and easy for beginners and take your time each question but you only get a short time so don’t take to much time.

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